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About the Company

Oi was founded in 2020, with its base in both Stockholm & Saigon. The company delivers furniture for both the home and contract market in Asia and north America, ranging from architectural projects like hospitality projects to resellers of design oriented furniture.


The products are designed and tested to meet the high quality requirements of the contract market, and produced with working methods that support people, local craft traditions and the environment.


We mainly produce wooden furniture in ash, oak, beech and different veneers and stains. We use locally produced natural surface treatment and upholstery like Tung oil and natural latex to lower our environmental impact. 

Oi strive to constantly improve its production by following ethical and environmentally sustainable guidelines and all products will have downloadable data.


All products have been created with agenda 2030 in mind. Focus has been on social and ecological sustainability. Oi has had a life cycle and circular economy approach since day one.

About the Brand

Oi is a design brand with 
a design philosophy rooted in the Scandinavian heritage.
Born with a Scandinavian design language and inspired by the new wave of Vietnamese architecture where minimalism and organic aesthetics meet.

Oi’s work is characterized by using traditional materials and craft from both Scandinavia and Vietnam, and fuse it into a new design language. Always treating the materials in an honest way with the ambition to make timeless pieces.

With a curious approach and an independent mindset Oi strives 
to create products that will both stand the test of time and inspire 
the consumer to cherish them 
for a long time.

We seek a strong visual identity, optimal function, with small details that make a big difference.

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